Les griffes de la nuit 08 AVRIL 2024

L’émission Métal au sens large (Rock, FM, Progressif, Hard, Heavy, Thrash, Death et le Flashback) !



01-Allman Brothers Band- Jessica

02-Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Come Running

03-The Black Crowes – Bedside Manners

04-Bruce Dickinson-Eternity Has Failed

05-THE TREATMENT- Let’s Wake Up This Town

06-Alterium – Drag Me To Hell

07-Judas Priest- Giants In The Sky

08-Firewind – Destiny is Calling


10-Loch Vostok – The Great Wide Open

11-herbst-Nie wieder

12-Cathubodua – Amidst Gods


14-The Effect – Something wrong

15-Near Death Experience – A Voice In The Dark

16-Smash Into Pieces-Heroes are Calling

17-Howling Giant – Glass Future

18-The Loyal Cheaters – Can’t Go Out

19-Leather Lung – Big Bad Bodega Cat

20-Darkest Hour- One With the Void

21-BULWERIA – Frequencies

22-CrossChains- IMMRTL

23-Atrophy – Punishment For All

24-FULL EARTH-Full Earth pt II -Disintegration

Article publié le 2 avril 2024

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