Les griffes de la nuit 6 novembre 2023

L’émission Métal au sens large (Rock, FM, Progressif, Hard, Heavy, Thrash, Death et le Flashback) !



01-Black River Sons- Don’t Tell It Twice

02-kings crown- Stranger

03-Danko Jones – Get High

04-edge of forever-Love Is The Only Answer

05-ronnie romero- Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters

06-firewind-Salvation Day

07-steel bars-Don’t Tell Me It’s Over

08-vega-Heroes And Zeros

09-WINTERSTORM – Silence

10-blink 182- DANCE WITH ME

11-Bonfire – Champion

12-Iron Savior – In The Realm Of Heavy Metal

13-Neal Morse – Cosmic Mess


15-sentenced- Excuse Me While I Kill Myself

16-sons of eternity-In Silence

17-seventh wonder-2006- Taint The Sky

18-scream maker-PERPETUAL BURNING

19-Raspy Junker – Alive

20-Stubora- Nouvelle Génération

21-Gothminister – Battle of the Underworlds

22-Suicide Puppets- Prey

23-NAIL WITHIN- Years Of Madness

24-Weeping Silence – Serpentine

Article publié le 10 novembre 2023

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