Confinés !
On tape des mots clefs dans la barre de recherche de notre logiciel musical perso et on voit ce qui sort.



VOL. 3 : “Wait
Avec :

The Wants – Waiting Room
Frustration – Waiting For The Bad Things
Shopping – Why Wait ?
Little Red – Waiting
Locksley – Don’t Make Me Wait
The Strand – Seconds Waiting
DEHD – Wait
The Velvet Underground – I’m Waiting For The Man
Little Barrie – I Can’t Wait
The Ar-Kaics – Can’t Keep Waiting
Debate Club – Just You Wait
Wavves – Wait
Bleached – Waiting By The telephone
Smokescreen – Waiting for The Summer
Death Valley Girls – Wait for You
Fugazi – Waiting Room
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Wait a Minute
Benjamin Booker – Always Waiting
The Abigails – I’ll Be Waiting
Wilson Pickett – Someone is Waiting for Me
Kelly Finnigan – I D’ont Wanna Wait

Article publié le 16 avril 2020

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