# Artist Track Name
1 INFA RIOT Emergency
2 The KILLJOYS Johnny Won’t Get To Heaven
3 NO ALTERNATIVE Johnny Got His Gun
4 PROBLEMI Grad Izobilja
5 X (AUS) Revolution
6 TOY DOLLS Tommy Kowey’s Car
7 SODA FRAISE Ca Baigne Dans l’Huile
8 HANS-A-PLAST Sex Sex Sex
9 BASTA (ALL) Der Stolz des Besitzers
10 TOXIC REASONS Mercenary
11 HOT ROD ALL STARS Skinhead Speaks His Mind
12 The PROLETARIAT Decide on Change
13 PETER & the TEST TUBE BABIES Guest List
14 STRETCH MARKS Professional Punks
15 SLAM Ingens Slav
16 CAPITAL SCUM Final Nail In My Coffin
17 DECADENCE WITHIN A Breath of Fresh Air
18 LAUGHING HYENAS Hell’s Kitchen
19 REFLEX Anger
20 Les LULLIES Dernier Soir
21 ROUGE Aversion
22 The CHRISTIAN FAMILY I’ll Make You Cry
Article publié le 17 janvier 2023

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