Confinés !
On tape des mots clefs dans la barre de recherche de notre logiciel musical perso et on voit ce qui sort.

VOL. 5 : “Run
Avec :

Turf War – Born to Run Free
Slaves – Cut and Run
The Obits – Run
Oblivians – Run for Covers
The Jesse Hector Story – Running Wild
The Saints – Run Down
The Gories – On The Run
Los Tones – Running Out of Time
The Gestures – Run, Run, Run
Chris Spedding – Road Runner
The Undertones – (She’s A) Runnaround
The Babies – Run Me Over
Adult Books – Running From the Blows
Ethers – Running Through The Night
Kurt Vile – Never Run Away
Federale – Run, Man, Run
The Black Angels – You On the Run
Joe Ghatt – The Run
Denney and the Jets – Runnin’ Through the Wodd
Willy Deville – Running Through The jungle


Article publié le 6 mai 2020

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