Confinés !
On tape des mots clefs dans la barre de recherche de notre logiciel musical perso et on voit ce qui sort.



VOL. 6 : “Out
Avec :

Goodbye Honolulu – Bum Me Out
The Gloomies – Bleached Out
The Smiths – There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
The Soft Pack – Pull Out
Night Beats – Outta Mind
Dead Ghosts – In and Out
The Sapphics – Out Of The Clock
Bass Drum of Death – Way Out
Cathedrale – Caught Out There
Japanther – Out of Body
Jeff the Brotherhood – Mellow Out
Lysistrata – Everyone Out
Blank Pages – From The Outside
The Chats – Keep the Grubs Out
Touts – Sold Out
Les Lullies – Let It Out
Ramones – Out of Time
The Choir – It’s Cold Outside
The Monkees – Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
The Blaze Velluto Collection – We’re Gonna Take You Out
The Roaring 420s – You Can’t Get Out Alive


Article publié le 6 mai 2020

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