Les griffes de la nuit 15 avril 2024

L’émission Métal au sens large (Rock, FM, Progressif, Hard, Heavy, Thrash, Death et le Flashback) !



01-The Black Crowes – Bleed It Dry

02-walter trout-Heaven Or Hell

03-Bruce Dickinson-Afterglow of Ragnarok

04-praying mantis- Standing Tall

05-Judas Priest- Gates Of Hell

06-Firewind – Fallen Angel

07-anette olzon- Day Of Wrath

08-Khirki – Featherless

09-Bloodbound – Slayer of Kings

10-vanden plas- The Sacrilegious Mind Machine

11-rhapsody of fire-A Brave New Hope

12-Alterium – Chasing the Sun

13-streetlight- Endless

14-The Effect – Toxic Envy

15-Bloodorn – Bloodorn

16-Sick N’ Beautiful – Death Police

17-Near Death Experience – Dreaming Of Oblivion

18-Greenleaf-Breathe Breathe Out

19-Leather Lung – Headstone

20-holy moses – Fire

21-balance of power-One More Time Around The Sun

22-Atrophy – Close My Eyes

23-BULWERIA – Creeps and Spreads

Article publié le 15 avril 2024

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