Les griffes de la nuit 26 février 2024

L’émission Métal au sens large (Rock, FM, Progressif, Hard, Heavy, Thrash, Death et le Flashback) !



01-Cigar Box Band – turn The Stone

02-crazy lixx-Fire It Up (’23)

03-revolution saints-Will I See You Again

04-honeymoon suite-Find What You’ve Looking For

05-Lipz – Changing The Melody

06-seventh wonder-A Day Away

07-The End Machine -Killer Of The Night

08-Bloodbound-The Tales of Nosferatu

09-thornbridge- Daydream Illusion

10-satra- Sand Of Time

11-Lords Of Black-I Want The Darkness To Stop

12-saxon- Super Charger


14-metallica-halo on fire

15-Bokassa – Garden of Hea

16-Anthares – Burning Light

17-fate- Taught To Kill

18-Sick N’ Beautiful – My Wounds

19-smoking snakes-Sorrow, Death Pain


21-Slomosa – Cabin Fever

22-DYMYTRY – In Death We Trust

23-Thy Shining Curse – Lenore

24-Fifty One -Silly Tv Shows

25-Run Ronie Run – By a Thread

26-Great White Shark- Alone, Like You

27-Within Temptation – Ritual acoustic

Article publié le 26 février 2024

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