Les griffes de la nuit 4 decembre 2023

L’émission Métal au sens large (Rock, FM, Progressif, Hard, Heavy, Thrash, Death et le Flashback) !



01-The Beatles – Now And Then

02-VOODOO CIRCLE – Sweet Devotion

03-blink 182-WHEN WE WERE YOUNG

04-nitrate-Wild In The City

05-edge of forever-Where Are You

06-seventh crystal- SILENCE

07-Bonfire – Say Goodbye

08-temple balls-NO REASON

09-kings crown-Down Below

10-thunder mother-I Left My License In The Future

11-the rods-Rattle The Cage

12-Iron Savior – Through the Fires of Hell

13-Black River Sons- Out Or Range

14-night ranger-WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES

15-vitalines-LOVE AND THUNDER

16-hugo’s voyage-September Love


18-ronnie atkins-Godless

19-Firewind -I Am the Anger

20-lynch mob-Erase

21-secret sphere- Psycho Kid

22-lalu-The Wondering Kind

23-dymytry-Everything is Black

24-heraes-Through The Storm

25-blue oyster cult- Don’t Fear the Reaper

Article publié le 6 décembre 2023

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